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September 13, 2024  To  September 13, 2024
Dronfield Wine World
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October 25, 2024  To  October 25, 2024
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Good Wine Naturally

Good Wine Naturally

The difference between a mass-produced wine and one from a more quality conscious winemaker is like the difference between a Bakewell tart fresh from a cake shop in Bakewell and a Mr Kipling cake off the supermarket shelf.

One is made from fresh ingredients and with pride. The other is produced in a factory, contains added ingredients to ensure uniformity of taste and is nothing like the original!

Mass produced wines may contain higher levels of sulphites, acidifiers, deacidifiers, extra sugar, acetaldehyde or dimethyl decarbonate for stabilizing, fish bladder (Isinglass), egg white for fining or milk products to remove off flavours. Wines which are made according to organic principals will have far fewer additives and taste fresher and cleaner.

French Vin Sauvage £14.25 is an organic Beaujolais with no added sulphur, yet is fresh and fruity.  The very lovely Fizzy White £8.99 from Bodegas Mureda in Spain is organic and vegan friendly; Chilean Novas Viognier £11.80 is made in the world’s largest organic vineyard and is a very firm favourite at tastings. In fact, you will never find an over-sulphured organic wine, as maximum permitted levels are set lower for organic wines than for conventional. These are just a few of the organic and biodynamic wines we stock, so why not pop down and check them out!


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